BS&B SparkEx® Spark Detection & Extinguishing System

Prevent Fire and Burst in Industrial Procedures
• Flame Recognition, Spark Detection and Hot Particle Recognition
• Extinguish with no need for Discontinuing Production.
• Explosion Risks and Stop Fire in Downstream Equipment
• Control Systems and Activate Alarm
• A Flexible Modular Design licenses up to 34 systems for monitoring through modular expansion
• Multi-ranged operating temperatures from 70°C [158ºF] to 200º [392°F]
• Battery pack incorporated for backup power during an electrical outage
• Trace Heating Offered for Water Extinguishing in Enormously Cold Conditions

Safety You Can Count On
The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is developed to detect sparks, hot particles and flame that can behave as an ignition source for fire or any explosion if permitted to pass on through pneumatic ducting and conveyors to other material handling equipment. A few of the hot particles nearing a dust collector treating a combustible dust are sufficient to trigger a dust explosion. Smoldering combustible solid taken into a storage silo can become the root cause of a raging fire.

Decrease Fire and Explosion Risks
Employing infrared detectors, the BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, examines for elevated temperature particles. While the hot material is detected, the BS&B SparkEx System affords many options to manage the ignited risk:

• Activate water spray nozzles located downstream of the detection point of available hot particles.
• Activate automated process shut-down to quickly end the combustible material feed.
• Deliver a signal for activating other available control devices shut-off valves.

The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection & Extinguishing System works in a continuous automated mode with whole critical circuits supervised to raise a quick immediate alarm in case of application challenges.

Prevention Methods
• Employ highly precise type SDD or SDN Sensors for spark detection, flames and hot particles
• SDD/SDN Sensors activate control circuits linked to the automated water extinguishing module
• The extinguishing module differentiates sparks and available hot particles
• Production continues when the BS&B SparkEx System extinguishes sparks

Industries Served
• Rubber
• Textiles
• Recycling
• Wood
• Plastics
• Power Plants
• Agriculture
• Food
• Metal
• Chemicals