Product Description:
Magnetic Liquid Traps, [Magnetic Liquid Filters] is designed to remove contamination in Ferrum from liquid and semi-liquid materials with various viscosity, keeping materials pure and protecting the equipment. Insulation [I Style] Magnetic Liquid Traps have sandwich that could be filled with heat insulation materials namely oil and water meeting the insulation difficulties of liquid passing via the traps. It is a perfect option to remove contamination in ferrous from jams, chocolate, syrups, jams and many more.

1. Comes with various styles for the usage of variant materials.
2. Comes up with maximal magnetic strength that could reach 13000GS for normal [N Style] and 8000GS for ease cleaning [E Style].
3. Comes with standard working temperature at ≤ 80℃, and maximal working temperature that could reach 350℃ as and when needed.
4. Installation with ease, separation and cleaning using bolt plate, ferrule, uneven head, flange and many more.
5. Comes up with 316L or 304 stainless steel for pipeline material
6. Perfectly designed magnetic settings to ensure maximal magnetic effect without impediment in liquid flow.