1. Standard round bar with the length of 25 mm[1 inch] diameter. As desired, it can also touch the extreme length of 2500mm. Magnetic tubes, other numerous shapes and dimensions are also offered at our end.
2. 316L and 304 stainless steel are also offered for the pipeline material that can be well polished and fulfill the food standard or pharmacy industry standard.
3. Comes with standard working temperature at ≤ 80℃, and maximal working temperature that could reach 350℃ as and when needed.
4. Different varieties of ends namely thread hole, nail head, double screw bolt are also offered.
5. Different varieties of magnet namely ferrum magnet and other uncommon earth magnets are presented to see all our customer’s wants and requirements. The maximal magnetic strength of 25mm [1 inch] diameter could easily reach 13,000GS [1.3T]

The primary part of magnetic grate separators is Magnetic bars and they can productively wipe out sullying in Ferrum and metal particles from the used materials.